Did you ever ask yourself

Did you ever ask yourself why the piano is such a difficult instrument to learn? Because you have to decipher notes in two different clefs while synchronising two hands? Well, not only that. For every mode (major, minor and many others), there are twelve specific series of piano keys to press, with twelve distinctive fingering patterns, one for each transposition. And this has been true since the invention of the present keyboard, that is to say since the middle of the 15th century. From that came the well-known practising of scales that has kept generations of beginners busy for hours. In his History of the piano, Belgian musicologist Ernest Closson noted: “The major, fundamental drawback of the keyboard still consists in its irregular and illogical layout, which results from the very conditions of its slow and groping development. If the system of twelve semitones had been established all at once, one wouldn’t have failed to adapt to it the keyboard as a whole, giving each key equal importance.

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